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Imagine a situation where you can call on a genuine expert to provide the sort of advice you need. Someone like you, with a professional outlook and who can give you the answers you need.

How often in life do you wish you could talk to someone who knows their stuff? REALLY knows their stuff?

We don’t just mean someone who can smile and nod politely at the right time or who can make up something on the spot, but someone who fundamentally knows what they are talking about.

Who speaks your language. Who knows your market.

Someone who isn’t afraid to tell you like it is.

Someone who’s actually confident enough in the advice they provide to tell you when you should turn down an option which wouldn’t work for you, even if it is to their own detriment.

We wanted to talk to someone like that. A company which was happy to provide a genuine, client-led, highly effective and frankly honest approach to the legal recruitment market, free from corporate-speak, red tape and multi-tiered levels of drivel which characterises our industry. That was who we thought we would want to do business with, who we would want to trust with our careers.

So we built it.

And approaching nearly a decade in business we have provided that advice through boom times and recession to more than 30,000 lawyers who value our approach and experience, developed through a cumulative 70+ years within the legal recruitment sector.

Our offering is comprehensive; our track record unsurpassed. We invite you to experience the difference when you work with our team.

Quite simply, it’s what we do.

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Birmingham Office
137 Newhall Street
B3 1SF
Tel:    0121 233 5000
Email: enquiries@vgcharles.com

London Office
330 High Holborn
Tel:    020 7649 9094
Email: enquiries@vgcharles.com

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