Seeing the kids at night before they go to bed.

Better work.

An easier commute.



More money.

Work/life balance.

A move ‘up the food chain’.

Or indeed down the food chain!

Whatever your reason for considering a new role, VG Charles & Co always works in your best interests to ensure that the position is the right one for you. We dedicate time to understanding what is driving you to make the move, as opposed to running through our current opportunities and hoping something sounds good.

We take a proactive view, with our clients recognising and appreciating our strategic approach, which can only be developed through understanding their practises thoroughly. Around 70% of the hires we facilitate are for roles which are not actively being advertised, but simply where the calibre of talent, synergy with firm’s strengths or where a supporting business case compels the practice to make an offer.

This is our strength, a cornerstone to our success and we’re rightly proud of it.

If you are not working with an experienced consultant – if you are speaking to a recruiter who does no more than a CV matching-to-vacancy service – then that ideal role may never come in fruition. It might slip under your radar, leaving you with the choice to stay put or accept a ‘6 out of 10’ position.

Personally, we don’t believe in settling for less. So we never do.

Neither should you.


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