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Stop. Don’t read any further.

Before you scroll down this page, work out what it is you are looking for from a recruiter. Think about in what capacity you expect them to work and the type of relationship you hope for.

If you view a recruiter as ‘a necessary evil’ when hiring but a distraction otherwise; a source of multiple CVs for you to sift through, then let us save you some time – we’re really not your sort of business. We won’t take it personally and indeed we can refer you to some of our supposed competitors who work on a high volume (and possibly cheaper) basis. Thanks for your interest and we would like to wish you all the best with your search.

If you are instead looking for a key strategic business partner, someone who will effectively grow your business with the right kind of person – indeed, an organisation which will essentially help you to become more successful, as well as delivering a higher level of service to your clients – then you should speak to us about how we can help you grow.

Let’s not beat around the bush – we will make you richer.

VG Charles & Co is a trusted supplier of the very best talent to firms throughout the UK and abroad and would welcome the chance to speak to you about your requirements.

We want to know about your business, where your practice is strong, where you want to grow and what kind of people work well for you. Your recruiter of choice will effectively be your window to the world, the first port of call for any of the best talent in the market and thus it is essential that you know you will be represented effectively and (most importantly) accurately.

As keen as you may be to hire, it can be disastrous to do it wrong, to take someone on who has been mis-sold a role which is far from their requirements. We back all of our introductions with a 100% rebate period, so if we get it wrong we take the hit – not you.

We should stress however that we also have high expectations from our side. We only work with a select few firms in each location and are happy to clarify if we feel unable or conflicted out of recruiting for you. We will only assist those firms who provide the same level of care and attention to our candidates that we do, and will happily walk away from a relationship which doesn’t work for us or our other clients.

If you value your firm, your plans for growth and the quality of your workforce, then please do get in contact and we can speak to you about how we can help you maximise your potential in each of these areas.

It’s what we do.

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