Environmental Policy

At VG Charles & Co we have an appreciation of the difficulties our planet faces and we try to do our bit too. Where possible we embrace green initiatives, whether it be attending client meetings via public transport, utilising extensive telephone screening, arranging interviews by Skype or Facetime or simply recycling where possible. Our directors even drive electric cars. Fast ones.

Through embracing the latest IT software we endeavour to keep our office as paperless as possible, with a commitment not to print emails unless essential and with all of our directors having access to tablets. We’re not perfect…….but we’re getting there.

And it’s not a gimmick. We’re not doing this to attain ISO 9000 accreditations or to appease any government initiative. Quite simply, and in keeping with every other part of our ethos, we do it because we believe it is the right thing to do.

As a potential client this may matter to you. It may not.

But it’s what we do. We’d love it if you were on-board with us.

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