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BannerRetainedSearch2We all know that the talent is out there. That star candidate, that top calibre individual who has that particular ‘je ne sais quoi’ which marks them out for great things.

Perhaps you know who they are. Perhaps you don’t.


Irrespective of this, you know that there is an obvious gap in your organisation for someone with that particular skill-set, but despite the fact that your own firm features prominently in every press article and business insider review for the last 3 years, these people aren’t coming to you and knocking on your door.


The solution? We go to them.

At VG Charles & Co we have extensive experience in both co-ordinating and delivering on proactive executive search assignments for clients which are keen to invest in bringing the best talent to their brand. It is fairly well known that firms recognise their own talent internally and will go to great lengths to keep these people as happy as possible, hence these individuals are not likely to be trawling the internet looking to see who is hiring.

To tempt these ‘star’ performers requires a professional and confidential approach from someone who understands your firm, who can recognise the potential in your offering and who can clearly convey this during a face-to-face meeting.

Executive search done properly is without doubt the most effective way of attracting the best talent to your door; done badly it not only scuppers your chances of getting that individual to join you now, but probably for the next three years, during which time they may have joined your competitor who approached them more effectively.

You are a recognised expert in your field and absolutely the best at doing what you do.

So are we. Trust us; it’s what we do.

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