Watching Brief


We know what it is like. You’re at your desk; the phone goes from a headhunter trying to tell you that they have a great role with one of your competitors, etc etc and that this is your lucky day. Except that’s not the case. You’re not unhappy where you are. What you actually want is to get your head down and get on with some work and frankly (although you won’t admit it) you’re pretty sure you know what the role is and who is looking, and you would never work there in a million years, no matter HOW good the money is.

We get that. Which is why we developed Watching Brief ®, our specialist service for busy professionals who are not interested in just ‘making a move’, but who recognise that there are one or two particular roles out there which, if they came on to the market, they would like to know about.

It is a no pressure, hands-off way of making sure that you don’t miss out on your dream role without you having to trail job boards or your competitors’ websites on a weekly basis.

Let us take the leg work out of the process for you. It’s what we do.

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